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Slipping Away
I smiled happily when I met you
The world was just for us two
We talked and laughed and cried
I wanted you by my side
Months went past in bliss
We really wanted to kiss
But the distance was too far
I kept your heart in a jar
It was too delicate to keep
I started to weep
I knew that some day this would end
and hopefully you would be my friend
We lived in opposite places
It's hard to keep these cases
From night to day
We sang away
But then I noticed a change
It was rather strange
I tried to help protect
But then it got wrecked
I made you cry in pain
I wanted to be hit by a train
I felt that sweet fragile jar crack
Everything now turned black
In ashes and in dust
Your heart is broken to crust
I failed you again and again
I went to sleep in the rain
It was you I said
Then felt him shred
I grasped onto the light
In hope he was alright
So as mean as I can be
I still wanted to see
If to this day he was okay
But forever lost him on my way
Dawn fills my room
Once I wanted him as a groom
I smile
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I Am Waiting by White-Angel-1 I Am Waiting :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 2 0
Bright Lights
I wake up in the morning
waiting to rise
I lie there staring at the ceiling
I hear the soft hum of noises
the sweet songs from birds
I see the sun rays gliding
totally blinding
I close my eyes and breathe in the magic
to fill myself with warmth
to become opaque once again
now I am finding
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I Hate You
Lying still, smoke left my internal strings,
through my pale indigo coloured cracked lips.
My precious eyes seeped what black blood brings,
a hysterical place that cannot give you light, only wings.
What seemed like a fine life fell before me
as poisonous thoughts clouded my vision.
The scratching and snatching gave one last key
And that was to be free.
Screaming in my lost, mad and broken mind,
there is nothing left for me to be content.
The last whisper of air is what I find,
I slowly smile from my whimpered whine.  
My lungs drag me deeper into the sea,
I can only close my eyes to feel this occur.
But there is no meaning of my last flee?
Why can no one else agree?
My eyes now only drop silvery tears,
thinking how easily the beam turns burnt.
Who on this planet even cares or dares?
I can finally let go of my affairs.
I am a child and I am twelve years old.
Yet my story is still to be told,
please let me help you unfold
the tale of whom is so cold.
A treacherous liar of mank
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Valentine's Day
On this day is love so grand?
How does this change from before?
Now it seems like a simple brand,
but love is love and not a law.
It comes and goes like little black swallows,
you can choose with the heart and mind;
than just the face in which you might follow
a path that's blind and entwined.
Oh the lost and alone do not weep,
the stars can only start to spring and sprout
as the coils of clockwork are truly deep
it can be hard to find and come about.
Time is time do not rush,
one day I am sure you will find that crush.
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Morning Glow by White-Angel-1 Morning Glow :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 56 10
In the dead of night
At any corner or shadow
An inhuman creature stirs
To be seen by ones with fear
It likes to play a game
A game with the mind and weak
It hollows out the soul
To be fulfilling it's thirst
Every now and then
You can hear a petrified scream
A whimper, a veil of a voice
The sounds of snapping
Flesh tearing, ear aching crunches
The drips of rubies
The tears of fear
The pain of hell
The last memory
It lurks, it runs
It appears and disappears
Sometimes it is near you while you sleep
Breathing in your existence
Sometimes it watches you
While you cry with an outstretched hand
Too close and you are gone
Too far and you will lose
The game has only begun
The game that makes people mad
The thrill of fear
Cunning minds and slick moments
A silent mover
A creature with a piercing look that can paralyse anyone in their path
You hear them cackle as they devour you
You hear them engulfing emotions
Engulfing everything
Engulfing you
It can take the most real objects to become warped
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 32 7
The peace of pure earth is binding
It gives warmth and beauty
There are so many mysteries that we are finding
It is as if it is our duty
We are a part of the earth
A huge big family
Where we connect from birth
With hope and sanity
The wonderful smells from cherry blossom trees
To the smell of the ground below
It is quite hard to believe
But either day or night the earth is aglow
Earth is like our roots and veins
Pulsating through our every grain
Everything wraps around us in soft green chains
Deep within our body to our very brain
We breathe out colours of life
It is beaming around us
Even when we are in a strife
However with this earth which is such a bless
The tables can turn
To be the same yet in a different way
All we need to do is learn
And that is where the seasons come and play
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 10 5
You are the cause of my wrath
The cause that blazed through my path
My life I have sat in the cold
Just waiting to be told
The binding curse fills me
I scream in my soul with agony
To me you are a little tease
You look at me all pleased
I shall haunt you with my fury
I shall rip your flesh apart
I shall prove your lies to the jury
I shall tear your heart at last
My eyes are what has become
Bleeding with what I have sung
The tip of my tongue licks my lips
My bubbling blood starts to stick
As my teeth sink in flames
I wonder who is to blame
I walk I glide I run
Looking around to see the fun
I laugh at the sky
Though I do not know why
Red, orange, yellow and blue
Cripple the leaves under the winter hue
Everything starts to burn black
Everything starts to crumple
Everything starts to bleed
As I point my finger at you
I smile and whisper a word or two
My eyes are filled with one emotion
Now I really wonder what is all the commotion.
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 15 4
When I Die
When I die
Will you sing for me?
When I die
Will you cry?
When I die
Will you send flowers to my grave?
When I die
Will you be brave?
When I die
Will you still love me?
When I die
Will you let me be?
When I die
Will you throw away the ring?
When I die
Will you walk over the land like a king?
When I die
I will always be with you
By your side
And sing to you all day long.
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 1,090 439
I saw a man
no ordinary man
he... his tuxedo
top hat, height, broad shoulders
his smile
handsome and charming
Leaning against a lampost
when it was night time
looking at me in my flimsy dress
the clack of my shoes
the blush of my face
But he was evil
yet I knew
and even then
I still loved him
seduced with love
I wanted to be with warmth
He was all I wanted
like my energy
he wanted my heart
so I let him take it
Twitching on the cold stone ground
blood dripping from his smile
a hole left in
my chest
where he took it
and I laughed.
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 13 6
Meerkat by White-Angel-1 Meerkat :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 1 0 The Joker by White-Angel-1 The Joker :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 2 0 Page 11 by White-Angel-1 Page 11 :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 0 0 Page 10 by White-Angel-1 Page 10 :iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 0 0


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Summer has now arrived! It's so nice to relax now. I think I can tick off a few things off my bucket list. Hope everyone has a nice summer. I'll be updating now and again. :)

I'm thinking of drawing some manga and maybe experimenting with my tablet.
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